Duration of a hot air balloon flight

Bild "EN:CIMG0153.jpg"A flight with a hot air balloon will last about 1 .. 2 hours. The direction depends on the wind only. The pilot has some limited possibilities to influence the direction by changing the altitude of the balloon and getting into "different winds". Therefore it is impossible to say when and where the landing is expected to happen. However - a good pilot can make a more or less precise guess during the flight.

This can, of course, lead to a situation when the pilot has to initiate the landing a bit earlier than the expected 2 hours flight time - i.e. when the balloon moves very slow onto an area where no landing site can be expected to come in time (forest, city, water).
It is also possible that the flight takes a bit longer time in order to find a good place for landing. The pilot will ensure a sufficient amount of fuel to make this happen safely.